What if the Google is blocked? How do I normally access Google?


Google Chrome browser store, Gmail mailbox provides accelerated service, to solve the occasional open problems

There is a Chinese who wrote a small tool that allows you to access Google normally.
The name of this tool is called Google access assistant”.
Step 1: please download the chrome browser.
The second step: please download the Google access assistant.
The third step: open Google extensions.
The fourth step: unpack the download package, select the CRX file, drag to the extension, and release
This tool is very easy to use, providing only Google chrome stores for Hongkong users, and Gmail mailbox provides accelerated services to solve occasional problems
For students, foreign trade groups, chrome expansion, store users, and other users need to provide accelerated service.
It is inevitable that it will be temporarily unavailable, and please understand that we will maintain it in time and guarantee the availability of 95%

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