Men are fined 200 for curbing indecency. Netizens: When will the bonus for bravery be paid?

Men are fined 200 for curbing indecency. Netizens: When will the bonus for bravery be paid?

On January 21, Shenzhen police released a complete video of “shopkeepers stop being punished for indecent acts”: Lin Moupeng kicked him in the head again after he stopped violating the law. While affirming Zeng’s bravery, the police fined him 200 yuan for his misconduct.



On the evening of November 19, Shenzhen girl Xiaosha wrote on Sina Weibo that when she and her family went to a chafing dish restaurant for supper on the evening of November 15, she was attacked by a strange man and escaped with the help of her family and hotel owner. In the process, the owner of the hotel has beaten some of the males. After the incident, the police imposed administrative detention on the man for 10 days and fined the hotel owner 200 yuan. On the evening of November 19, Xiaosha wrote on Sina Weibo that she and her family went to a chafing dish restaurant for supper at 11:00 p.m. on November 15 and just after ordering, she was violently molested by a 25-year-old stranger naked.


Xiaosha said in her microblog: “After he fell down on me, he tightly grasped me with his legs, pinched my neck with one hand, covered my mouth for help with one hand, and then fumbled and insulted me all over. My family and shop owner couldn’t pull him apart with as much strength as they could. Fortunately, other people at the table helped me escape. This escape process made me very suffocated and desperate, and immediately reported the case for record. Xiaosha said that after completing the transcript, the police asked her to appoint a forensic appraisal to do the injury appraisal on the 17th. She did not know the result of the punishment in the following days. After inquiry, the victim was held in administrative detention for 15 days.


And she later found in the administrative penalty decision that the police detained the victim Lin Mou for ten days. In the decision on administrative penalty, it can also be seen that the offender Lin Mou was also sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days by Longgang Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau in October for obstructing the police from performing their duties. She said that the parents of the victims kept harassing and threatening the shopkeeper, saying that the shopkeeper beat their son and demanded compensation from the shopkeeper. This situation was confirmed by the hotel owner’s wife, who told Ziniu News that the parents of the victims had indeed come to make trouble.


On the morning of the 19th, the police sent Mr. and Mrs. Xiaosha and the hotel owner to the police station to mediate with each other. She said, “The parents of the other side inverted all kinds of black and white, not reluctantly determined that the shopkeeper meddled in injuring his son, said that after detention, they asked the shopkeeper to identify the injuries, and asked the shopkeeper to pay money to apologize, it is best to ensure that their son will not die within three years.” According to Southern Metropolis Daily, Longgang police said on November 20 that at 23:00 on November 15, 2018, the receiver of Tongle Police Station of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau called the police and said that he had been molested by others. After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene to dispose of the offender and caught the offender on the spot. After investigating the video surveillance at the scene of the case, visiting the people who knew it and asking the parties concerned, the public security organs found out that the case happened as follows: at about 23:00 p.m., the illegal person Lin Moupeng (male, 25 years old) drank and went to a chafing dish shop near Hongji Road, Longgang District, and suddenly hugged Zhanmousha who was having dinner with relatives and friends. Both sides fell to the ground during the pull.


Hotel operator Zeng and others stopped in time, separated the two sides and controlled Lin Moupeng. In the process of Lin Moupeng being controlled and waiting for the police to deal with him, Zeng Moupeng still kicked him, but fortunately did not cause obvious injury. At present, Lin Moupeng has been detained for 10 days in accordance with the law for molesting others. On the basis of Lin Mopeng’s family members’reflection of Lin Mopeng’s beating, the public security organs affirmed Zeng Mopeng’s brave and righteous behavior, and at the same time educated Zeng Mopeng about kicking and beating each other after he had stopped the illegal act. Taking into account the motivation, circumstances and consequences, the public security organs imposed a fine of 200 yuan on Zeng. Xiaosha was not satisfied with such treatment. Xiaosha was frightened and nervous because she was molested this time. She was accompanied by palpitation, dizziness, headache, thirst, tremor, muscle ache and other symptoms. She always recalled the situation at that time and felt nauseated, as if she had been pinched by her neck again. She was unwilling to go out and crouched in the corner of the wall crying.


Two days without falling asleep, I feel like I’m dead with my eyes closed. The initial diagnosis of the hospital is post-traumatic stress disorder. It is suggested that psychological counseling be done as soon as possible to calm the mood and prevent accidents such as suicide and self-mutilation. She believes that the 10-day administrative detention penalty is too light and a fine of 200 yuan is unfair to the hotel owner. The owner of the hotel expressed his willingness to accept such punishment. The proprietress told Ziniu news reporter, “After all, kicked him and fined him 200 yuan, which is also reasonable. We have no opinion about it.” Xiaosha was very grateful for the brave action of the hotel owner. She also said that she was sorry to have delayed the hotel owner too much time. Xiaosha told Ziniu News that she was ready to appeal and defend her rights and interests regarding the current processing results. The hotel owner told her that she would be willing to act as a witness if necessary.



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